NFT is the future of blockchain games, Oort Digital is the future of NFT

As we see ,2021 is considered the year of NFT,many NFTs have a big outbreak on the block chain.In the traditional NFT market, the NFT I own can only be sold or be transferred without applying value,but on Oort Digital,it will be changed!

About The Oort Digital

Oort Digital aims to build a super DeFi account for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to accelerate the growth of GameFi & Metaverse. Strive to solve three major problems in the NFT space: pricing/valuation, interoperability and user experience.

Through Oort digital you can store, send, borrow, lease, trade, pay, mine, and game with your NFTs in a new and fun way.Your NFT is more than just art, with financial properties worth items.

About The Game

Oort digital introduces the concept of hero, NFT becomes more interesting.The more you play with your heros,the more upgrades you will get.weapon and role in the blockchain game can be transferred, which will greatly increase people’s enthusiasm for blockchain games.Many traditional gamers can join in and attract more people.

About The Community

Oort Digital community will have a reward task every week in Discord channel, In this way so many participants understand Oort Digital, willing to make contributions, welcome everyone to participate.